Our Mission:

To maintain high ideas in the appreciation and enjoyment of good music by the progressive study and presentation of male choral music, to promote friendship, and good fellowship among its members.


The Cosmops next performers will be their Spring concert on May 15, 2018 at Central United Methodist Church.

2018 Spring Concert Selections:
Shenandoah arranged by Marshall Bartholomew
Rain and the River, words by J.Will Callahan, music by Oscar J. Fox
All Day on the Prairie (Texas Cowboy Song) composed and arranged by David W. Guion
Black-Eyed Susie, North Carolina Mountain Folk Fancy, collected tune and words by
Carry Me Home to the Lone Prairie, words and music by David W. Guion
Prelude in C# Minor, words and arrangement by Philip Duey
Now Sleeps the Crimson Petal, test by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, music by Robert H. Young
Praise We Sing to Thee, (St Anthony’s Chorale)
Lambscapes, Four Historical settings of Mary and her lamb, by Eric Lane Barnes.