Cosmops 1958

Cosmops First Photo 1934

Past Leadership

Since the inception of the Cosmopolitan Male Singers 80 years ago, the chorus has had 17 directors. Sixteen men and one woman have contributed their time and effort in keeping our group intact. We owe a debt of gratitude to each and every director who has made this organization a Muskegon tradition. Below are listed all of our directors, including our present leader Joshua Ledesma:

W. Maurice Vanderwater 1933-1947
Theodore A. Cook 1947-1948
John W. DeHorn 1948-1950
Palmer Quackenbush 1950-1951
John L. Wheeler 1951-1976
Troy Carpenter 1976-1994
John Mattson 1994-1996
Rob Lehner 1996-2000
Darrell Schrag 2000 Autumn
Karen Frederiksen 2001 Spring
Dr. Jed Watson 2001-2002
Paul Lusher 2002 Autumn
Floyd Farmer 2003-2006
Peter Kurdziel 2006-2007
Matt Shabala 2007-2008
Matt Callaghan 2008-2009
Joshua Ledesma 2009-Present

The group began as a “double quartet”; membership has fluctuated from the mid teens to the high forties. We are now just a bit more than 22 members. Our current challenge is to grow and be a viable artistic voice representing Muskegon. This performance initiates our 81st season ; we have done a masterful job so far in surviving the changes of the past 80 years and now we can look to completing our century of performing.